Off-the-shelf lentiviral vector packaging plasmids

Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2022; 8(8), 2001


Published: 2 April 2023

Watch the video or view the poster to find out how to:

  • Address plasmid DNA production challenges, including production and capacity bottlenecks, and cost and timeline pressures
  • Harness the benefits of phase-appropriate platform production
  • Decrease lentiviral vector production process lead time, cost, and complexity through off-the-shelf plasmid products

James Cody is an Associate Director of Technical Sales in the Gene Therapy CDMO Services Business Development team at Charles River Laboratories. He received a PhD in cancer gene therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, working primarily with oncolytic adenoviral vectors, and he completed postdoctoral training at the same institution, evaluating cancer treatment strategies based on oncolytic HSV. After his time at UAB, he then spent four years conducting research in fields including virology, cell biology, cancer, and parasitology. Dr Cody joined Vigene Biosciences in 2018, prior to its integration into Charles River in 2021.