BioInsights - Automated cell expansion: Current technologies and trends
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Automated cell expansion: Current technologies and trends

Automated cell expansion: Current technologies and trends

Over the past several years, cell therapy has seen explosive growth in the number and variety of applications and disease targets under exploration for commercialization, a trend that is unlikely to slow. The diversity of manufacturing strategies and technology to support this growth has also evolved, albeit more slowly. Cell therapy manufacturers now face a wider range of decisions when it comes to implementing automated solutions in their process. And committing to the wrong manufacturing technology early in commercialization can mean expensive, risky delays with late process transfers and comparability studies.In this webinar, we will discuss the cell expansion step of the manufacturing cycle, unpacking critical elements and trends to consider when choosing when and how to automate this lengthy, labor-intensive process:

  • When should therapy manufacturers automate their cell expansion?
  • What elements are essential for success when choosing a cell expansion platform?
  • What technologies are available for automated cell expansion?
  • What are future trends that may impact your cell expansion automation decisions today?

Dalip Sethi, PhD

Director, Scientific Affairs, Terumo BCT

Dalip Sethi currently serves as the scientific and clinical development lead for the Cell Therapy Technologies portfolio at Terumo BCT. He holds a doctorate degree and conducted post doctoral studies at Thomas Jefferson University, School of Medicine. 

Prior to Terumo BCT, Dalip was engaged in the development of technologies & methods for use in cell therapy applications. Throughout his career, Dalip has authored multiple scientific publications and is a co-inventor on several patents & patent applications.

Augustus Kilgore, PhD

Global Marketing Manager, Terumo BCT

Gus Kilgore is the global product manager for the Quantum Cell Expansion platform, part of the cell therapy technologies business at Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies. Prior to that, Gus was involved in cell collections on the Spectra Optia apheresis system, a technology adjacent to the cell therapy space. Gus holds a PhD in immunology, and has authored multiple scientific publications.

Kathie Schneider

Director, Global Commercial Lead, Terumo BCT

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