Improve your speed to therapy and drive efficiency by integrating supply chain and manufacturing
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Improve your speed to therapy and drive efficiency by integrating supply chain and manufacturing

Tuesday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET
Improve your speed to therapy and drive efficiency by integrating supply chain and manufacturing

The successful delivery of advanced therapies presents a unique set of challenges and relies upon a connected, compliant, and scalable value chain. This highly complex value chain often involves multiple players and requires a robust approach to ensure patient safety.

In this webinar, Lonza and Trakcel will discuss how they are working together to deliver an integrated digital solution to support the cell and gene therapy (CGT) industry and ensure chain of custody and chain of identity throughout the process. Details of a customer case study will also be provided. Find out how to overcome the challenges of this complex supply chain and build efficiency and compliance into your workflow.

  • The benefits of real-time information sharing within the CGT supply chain
  • How to approach digitalizing your supply chain and manufacturing operations
  • How to enforce the security of patient data within an integrated digital eco-system
  • How an integrated solution can drive efficiency and enable scale-up
Robert Lutskus
Robert Lutskus
Director, Informatics Operations, Lonza Bioscience

Rob Lutskus is a subject matter expert on GxP informatics solutions with over 20 years’ experience in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Currently, Director, Informatics Operations for Lonza Bioscience, Rob is responsible for leading all technical sales support, customer service, development, testing, validation and professional delivery activities for Lonza's Informatics software portfolio. He also develops the product strategy and roadmap for software releases. The portfolio he manages, started with environmental monitoring software, MODA-EM® and has expanded to laboratory software, WinKQCL® and manufacturing and electronic log software, MODA-ES®

Rob is an active member in a variety of industry organizations, including the Parenteral Drug Association and ISPE. He is also a contributing author to Environmental Monitoring: A Comprehensive Handbook, Volume 3.

Matthew Lakelin
Matthew Lakelin
Co-Founder and VP, Scientific Affairs & Product Development, TrakCel

Dr Matthew Lakelin is a co-founder of TrakCel. Using his knowledge in handling and distribution of CGTs he has assisted with the development of the technology platform and is passionate about democratising advanced therapies. Matthew is one of TrakCel’s industry experts who is tasked with insuring projects are delivered on time and in budget.

Matthew holds a Ph.D in Pharmacology and has over 20 years’ experience working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Matthew has led the deployment of TrakCel’s software to a wide range of advanced therapies (including CAR-T, TiLs, personalised immunotherapies, neoantigen cancer vaccines) and in his role as VP Scientific Affairs is a key spokesperson and responsible for ensuring that TrakCel solutions continue to evolve to meet industry needs.